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Sholay - Impact on Popular Culture

Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti? Jai

The movie had a strong impact on popular culture, especially due to the times it was released in. Its success spawned several clones both on film and on television, including some spoofs. Comedian Jagdeep who played the character of Soorma Bhopali, made a film in 1988 with the character's name. In 1991, Amjad Khan played the role of Gabbar Singh again in Ramgarh Ke Sholay, a parody.
The names Jai and Veeru seem to have become popular names for accomplices in Bollywood. In the 2001 movie Jodi No.1, the protagonists go by the names of Jai and Veeru (played by Sanjay Dutt and Govinda respectively). The Hindi version (dubbing) of the Hollywood movie Dr. Dolittle 2 had the animals going by the names of Veeru (Bear), Basanti (the female bear) and Jai (the dog playing friend to the bear). The 2004 movie Main Hoon Na, had references to several Bollywood movies with the prominent ones derived from Sholay.
In Chacha Chaudhary, one of the popular series in Indian comics, a villain is named Gobbar Singh (again a dacoit) - an allusion to Gabbar Singh, the villain of Sholay.
A mobile game was also created by Indian Video game developers Indiagames, to mark the 30th anniversary of the film. The game became one of the highest selling games in the history of Indian Mobile gaming.