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Tum shaherwale samajhte ho ke hum gaonwale ka akal hai nahin Basanti

Despite becoming the most successful film of its time, it failed to win any major popular or critics awards. The lone Filmfare award it got went to M.S. Shinde for Best editing. The film had over 3,00,000 ft of negative initially, which had to be edited to less than 20,000 ft. The final censored film was 18,000 ft and the duration of the film was 3 hours and 20 minutes.
Technicaly too the film was a trailblazer. Shot in 70mm with stereophonic sound, Sholay was the ultimate big screen experience. (It was India's first film in 70 mm with stereophonic sound) Mention must be made of Dwarka Diwecha's stunning camerawork and R.D. Burman's evocative background score, particularly the title track of the film, which help elevate the film even further.